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Afterschool Programs

Afterschool Programs

YOCISO offers a range of afterschool leadership workshops that are delivered at our Newcomer Youth Center located at 1800 Bank Street. Our workshops are a fun and engaging way to make new friends.

If interested please contact:



Girls Group

This program provides a safe space for young women to learn new life skills to help them overcome barriers in their everyday lives. With a strong focus on empowerment, the program also offers opportunities to connect and share experiences.

Boys Group

This program provides a safe and inclusive space for young men to learn leadership, team building skills and to connect with friends. Facilitators foster positive relations and build mentorship one interaction at a time.



This is a fun and engaging program where youth can join us for an interactive evening. The aim of this program is to decrease social isolation and to foster new relationships. Whether it’s paint night, movie night, or an interactive workshop, participants always leave with a smile.


YOCISO Round Table

This program aims to provide an accessible platform for youth to learn and discuss important matters taking place both in Ottawa and around the world. In this program, youth are given the opportunity to gain new knowledge and are encouraged to voice their opinions to practice language skills.

How do I stay up to date on your programming and schedule?
We regularly post our programming on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok (@OCISOYOUTH).

Follow us to see the great things we are doing!
Are the programs free?
All YOCISO programs are free!
Do I need to be a Canadian citizen to participate in the programs?
No, you do not need to be a Canadian citizen – contact us for more details.
Do I need my parents' permission to participate in the programs?
If you are under 16, yes you will need your parents' consent to participate in our programs.
Does YOCISO offer volunteer hours?
Yes, we do! Contact us for more details.
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