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Community Reintegration Project

Community Reintegration Project (CRP)

CRP is an initiative dedicated to newcomer and immigrant adults (18+), of all genders and their families who are impacted by the criminal justice system. CRP provides support and services based on the needs of each individual and their family. These include services within Education & Training, Employment, Safety & Stability, Housing, Counselling & Health Services, Family Reunification, Community Engagement and Mentorship.

If interested please contact

Dolapo Asaju
[email protected]
613-725-5671 ext. 286.


Counselling Service Request Form

Counselling Service Request Form

Referral Source Details (If you are filling out this form on behalf of the client)

Please note that OCISO's Counselling Services is legally required to keep health information confidential. We will not release any information without written permission from the client, except to protect you or others from immediate harm; when ordered by a court to do so (subpoena); or required by law (eg. protecting children from abuse). Your counsellor will explain our confidentiality policy to you when you meet, as well as the limits mentioned above. They can also answer any questions you have about the privacy of your health care information. 

Thank you for filling out the Counselling Service Request Form. When submitted, you/client will be added to our wait list to be assigned a counsellor. Although wait times will vary, on average client’s will be contacted by their counsellor to begin counselling, in 6-8 weeks. We appreciate your patience at this time. If you have any questions please contact our Mental Health Outreach Worker:  

Trinh Nguyen 

[email protected] 

613-725-5671 extension 337 

Please note: due to high numbers of requests and inquires, we appreciate your patience as we get back to you.

Client Details

Alternative Contact Information

Availability for Services

OCISO Staff Only

Client OCMS number: 

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