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Marion Dewar Scholarship Fund

Honour Marion Dewar’s Legacy: Invest in Our Future Leaders

The Marion Dewar Scholarship Fund (MDSF) was established by Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) in 2009, in honour of the late Marion Dewar, former Mayor of Ottawa. The goal of the scholarship fund is to provide financial support to foster academic and leadership excellence in immigrant and refugee youth. The fund supplements the tuition and supplies required for their post-secondary education in the National Capital Region.

Each year, a scholarship of $1,500 each is awarded to three immigrant and refugee youth.

Application Form

Community Context
Over the next 10 years, Ottawa can anticipate receiving between 6,000 and 8,000 immigrants per year. Approximately 18 % of Ottawa’s youth aged 18-24 are immigrants. Many of these youth will have serious challenges in reaching their academic and leadership potential because of their parents’ inability to support their children’s dreams.

To Donate to the MDSF:

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