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OCISO Response to COVID-19

We are taking steps to ensure that our clients continue to receive services. Although OCISO offices are closed to the public until further notice, we continue to provide services remotely. For services, you can contact us at 613-725-5671, ext. 316 or info@ociso.org. More information about our response to COVID-19 can be found here.

Be responsible + stay at home! Don't worry about boredom ! This month will include fun activities, challenges + lots of learning, all done remotely for newcomers aged 13-24! Like art? Like dancing? Wanna get + fit + healthy? Like learning?
Need homework help? Let us know!

Listen, we know that #PhysicalDistancing or being in #SelfIsolation aren't easy, and we thank you for all you're doing to help #PlankTheCurve. Remember: taking care of your #MentalHealth is just as important as taking care of your physical health. https://t.co/3sUIWmicpq

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Our Mission!

OCISO supports immigrants through the journey of making Canada their home by providing creative and responsive programs that are culturally and linguistically appropriate, by building community through mutual respect and partnerships, and by fostering healthy and inclusive spaces for open dialogue and healing.

What we do 🙂

We are community based non-profit organization that has been providing services in Ottawa since 1978. We are motivated by the stories of new immigrants, and we are there every stage of the journey. OCISO directly serves over 10,000 immigrants and refugees every year. Our work is augmented by the generous efforts of our enthusiastic, caring and talented staff, volunteers, both established and new Canadians.