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Wrestling with Champions

Wrestling with Champions

The “Wrestling with Champions” program provides youth with the opportunity to learn about Olympic-style wrestling in a fun & safe environment. Under the supervision of 12-time Syrian wrestling champion Mohammed Al Karad, participants will learn about the importance of exercise while improving their self-confidence and leadership skills.

If interested please contact:

Eligibility: 12-18 years old (with proof of vaccination)
Format: In-person
Contact information: [email protected] 

What is wrestling?
Wrestling is a competition in which two people try to pin each other to the ground during matches. Individuals who wrestle are called wrestlers.
Who is it for?
Yes, you can make an appointment for a mock interview.
Is there a cost?
No – this program is completely free! Participants also receive a t-shirt and wrestling shoes.
Is it safe?
Yes, this is a very safe program. The coach is an expert and works carefully with participants according to their skill level.


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