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Literacy Classes

Literacy Classes

Literacy 1

OCISO’s LINC Literacy Foundation class allows learners to engage in Project-Based learning which focuses on building knowledge about our community while developing English language skills. The small class size permits students to gain much needed confidence and self-esteem through frequent practice in conversation. Each of the four essential language learning skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) are acquired by participating in hands-on activities which align with the requirements of the CLB Benchmarks for Literacy Learners. Participation in meaningful activities such as volunteering in the community and creating a student vegetable garden are two examples which highlight the program’s projects. Every task works to increase the use of authentic, real-life language and integrate that language into the everyday lives of our Newcomers. 

Literacy 2

The students in this course build on the skills developed in literacy phase 1. We work at our desks with paper & pencils and in the computer lab. Once per week we learn through singing, watching a video, exercising, drawing, and keeping a journal. We work hard at spelling. Homework is optional: some students have no time and that’s okay; some students love homework, and so the teacher gives them some. We do special things sometimes: go to a store, celebrate Culture Day and go on field trips to community centres, Parliament Hill, museums, the Carp Fair, Gatineau Park and the library. Guests come to talk to us about police, fire safety, sun & water safety, how to buy a car or house, where to get help with problems etc. A settlement worker is on site. 

If interested please contact:

Trinh Nguyen
[email protected]
613-725-5671 ext 337.


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