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Multicultural Liaison Officers (MLO) Program

Program Impact

Request for MLO Assistance

If your school needs the services of a Multicultural Liaison Officer, please click the link below to fill in the form.

MLO Assistance Request Form


What makes the MLO program unique?

MLO Program Approach

Schools are one of the first services that immigrant and refugee families connect with in the community. The program allows for settlement services to be provided on-site at schools and facilitates the interaction between students, parents, teachers, school

administrators and a broad range of organizations, enabling all involved to work toward shared goals, such as quality of education for newcomer students, increased intercultural competence and awareness, and a smoother integration of immigrant and refugee families.

Newcomer Orientation Week 2022

Newcomer Orientation Week is a program designed to welcome and orient high school students who have recently moved to Canada. The newcomer students learn about student life and the Ontario school system. Eligible students are those who have recently-arrived in Canada and will be attending a secondary school for the first time in Ottawa.

The NOW Program is almost entirely led by secondary student Peer Leaders who receive intensive training .The NOW program is held each year during the month of August. Each summer 10 trained Peer Leaders and 30 newcomer students participate in the NOW program. NOW is facilitated by MLO and YOCISO Programs.

In order to register, please contact Multicultural Liaison Officer Emanuel Molla, [email protected].

Event Name:
NOW Program (Newcomer Orientation Week)
Event Location:
Ridgemont High School, 2597 Altavista Drive, Ottawa K1V 7T3
Event Date:
Friday, July 25 to Friday, August 19, 2022
Event Time:
8:30 am to 1:30 pm
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