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Volunteering is a wonderful opportunity to use your talents and to gain new skills and experiences in a culturally-diverse environment. Volunteers provide valuable support for OCISO clients and staff.

Volunteer Application Process

To become a volunteer with OCISO please take the following steps:

1)      Check to see what volunteer postings we currently have available here.

2)      Download the volunteer application here.

3)      Send a copy of the completed volunteer application along with your resume/CV to Julia at jgreen@nullociso.org. If you are interested in a particular position, please indicate so in the subject of your email.

What to Expect After You Have Submitted Your Application

Please understand that OCISO receives many volunteer applications each day, and the need for certain ongoing positions (particularly administrative support and reception) fluctuates.

After you send your application, you should receive an email within a few days confirming that it has been received. The volunteer coordinator will keep your application on file and contact you as soon as a position that matches your skills, availability, and interests arises. In some cases, this could happen immediately (especially in cases where there is a language-based need), whereas there are other cases where it may be several months before an opportunity comes up.

If the volunteer coordinator can match you, you will be contacted to attend a screening interview to go over the position and expectations.

Should you be accepted as a volunteer, you will be asked to complete a police record check as well as sign the OCISO Code of Ethics, Confidentiality Agreement, and Abuse Reporting Pledge. You will also be asked to complete and provide a certificate of Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA) certificate. After orientation and training by the volunteer coordinator, you will be able to start at OCISO.

Thank you for connecting with OCISO.