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Family Counselling

Couple and Family Counselling

OCISO’s Counselling Program is uniquely equipped to provide counselling services to the immigrant and refugee population in Ottawa. We offer clinical counselling to culturally diverse clients with migration and culture-related issues, and specialize in assisting survivors of war torture, trauma, political persecution and imprisonment.  We employ a wide variety of intervention techniques, which allow for a culturally responsive therapeutic process. We do not just “respect” our client’s culture – we incorporate that culture into the therapeutic process. OCISO provides counselling to couple and families with migration and culture-related issues as well as survivors of war, trauma, and torture. 

Eligibility - open to all immigration classes. 

Current Languages: English, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Spanish and French. 

If interested please contact

Trinh Nguyen
[email protected]
613-725-5671 ext 337.


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