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The OCISO LINC CARE FOR NEWCOMER CHILDREN (CNC) provides childcare services to the children of parents attending LINC classes. This service enables parents to come to school regularly with the peace of mind that their child is close by and in good hands. The parents must remain on site while their children are in the program to assist with the care and assume responsibility in emergencies. Childcare is provided for children between ages 6 months to 6 years. 

Our goal is to provide high quality care with activities that address the needs of each child. The daily schedule offers a predictable routine with some level of flexibility that helps children feel safe and comfortable.

The OCISO LINC CNC Program follows a philosophy of learning through play. The organization hires qualified staff and provides fun educational activities to support children's settlement in Canada while they learn additional language and culture. The CNC staff understands each child's individual needs and celebrates his/her uniqueness. The children are provided with opportunities to grow in all developmental areas at their own pace. The role of the CNC staff is a supportive one rather than authoritarian. The classrooms are organized into designated play areas, which encourages children's physical, cognitive, social, emotional and language development.

The classroom space is equipped with educational toys, equipment and supplies to ensure the development of the children in all areas. The daily programming includes physical fitness (fine and gross motor), language, cognitive, social and emotional activities, as well as a time for rest and daily snack. We organize events such as mother's day, culture's day and parent meetings that brings families together to share their culture and traditions. Toys and materials used in our CNC program include books, dolls, photos, puzzles and so forth that support positive images of multicultural families. 

If interested please contact:

Trinh Nguyen
[email protected]
613-725-5671 ext 337.


The goals of the Care for Newcomer Children are:

  • Embracing diversity by getting to know individuals of different religions and cultures, yet discourage stereotyping that may be associated with different backgrounds, practices and lifestyles.
  • Treat every individual with dignity and respect.
  • Develop Self-confidence and Independence .
  • Develop language skills appropriate to children's developmental stage.
  • Develop attentive listening skills and an awareness of the needs, perspectives and rights of others.
  • Providing a safe and caring environment for children to express themselves.
  • Providing educational materials and knowledge for the children to succeed.
  • Learn to make responsible decisions and accept the consequences of them.
  • Learn to creatively solve problems in a variety of situations.
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