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Suvansh Chhabr
Chartered Professional Accountant
Carleton University

My name is Suvansh Chhabra and originally I am from India.

In 2008, my parents left their home and stable life in India, to provide my sister and I with a better education and future. Since we arrived, I have always put in my best efforts at academics, extracurricular and home life, to make all my parents’ sacrifices worth it.

At Canterbury High School, I was able to maintain a high academic standing, with an over 90% average in all four years. I participated in a variety of extracurricular activities. I was enrolled in the demanding dramatic arts program and acted in five plays. I also directed a student-written play at the Canterbury’s Arts Festival and volunteered for the Canterbury’s Children’s Theatre Festival, by acting in a play.

In addition to my contributions to the arts, I also played for many of Canterbury’s sports teams. Sports have taught me many valuable lessons, including the value of hard work, determination, and teamwork. Over the course of four years, I played badminton, baseball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, wrestling and tennis. I have put in countless hours before and after school, at practices and tournaments, and enjoyed every moment of it! Some of my most significant positions included assistant badminton coach and captain of the boys’ volleyball team.

At Canterbury, I was part of several clubs: Tech Crew Club, Key Club and Student Council. At Tech Crew Club, I held essential positions, requiring a lot of responsibility and organization, such as stage manager and head of stage crew. I have done tech for many assemblies, talent shows, a musical “Mama Mia” and Canterbury’s Children Theatre Festival. At Key Club, we encouraged leadership through serving a community. We made non-slip socks for children at CHEO, sandwiches for residents of Shepherds of Good Hope, sleeping mats from milk bags. We also ran UNICEF fundraisers, organized food drives and implemented initiatives to help keep the school clean. At Student Council, I was Co-Head of the Athletics Committee, where we conducted badminton, basketball, ping-pong and volleyball tournaments. Outside of school, I have volunteered at the Hintonburg Community Centre teaching kids badminton and served my Indo-Canadian community by volunteering at my local temple, the Ottawa Durga Mandir.

Being a student with both a high academic standing and involvement in a diverse range of extracurricular activities, I believe I have the determination and skills to pursue my goals. I want to attend Carleton University for its accredited accounting program and obtain my Chartered Professional Accountant designation.

My lack of financial backing is the greatest challenge between me and my goal, and, unfortunately, I cannot overcome it on my own. The Marion Dewar scholarship will reduce my and my family’s financial stress. It will give me the opportunity to exemplify my indefatigable motivation to earn a Bachelor of Commerce degree and pursue a successful career to help myself, my family and others.

Thank you OCISO and Marion Dewar Scholarship Fund!

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