About Pierre

What does a User eXperience designer do from 9 to 5? Well a lot of things! Most of the time I act as a webmaster because I have the full range of skills to run online projects, but my passion is to look at current & future user experiences to figure out how we can improve it. I'm also a Wordpress Web Application & WorkFlow Process Developer.

Blog #2: Serious

“Who is these people?” asks my 6 year old. “A family – remember the family we talked about?” “From Serious?” “Syria, honey. They escaped their country because of war. Lots of people were scared and they left – their home, their friends...” “Their toys?” “Yes. Everything. They moved to Canada to feel safe and find [...]

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Blog: Beginnings

“What do you think about volunteering with OCISO?” “Wha? Wait...who?” “Uuuhhhh Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization. They’re matching Canadians with the refugee community to help them learn English, Canadian Culture, make connections, stuff like that.” Immediately, images flash like gunfire...tears streaming down terrorized faces, hungry children, fleeing pregnant women, desperate fathers, an elderly man sitting [...]

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