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In April 2014, OCISO was identified as the lead agency to work in collaboration with Ottawa immigrant serving agencies supporting internationally trained newcomers, to launch a community-based collaborative mentoring framework.

Ottawa Collaborative Mentoring Framework (OCMF) includes:

Web-based referral tool
The web based referral tool allows service providers to make client referrals via electronic submission, track clients’ status, provide feedback and updates, and access related information and materials.  The referral tool is maintained by OCISO with ongoing support from the advisory committee.

Advisory committee
The advisory committee provides a forum for program stakeholders to communicate opinions, share expertise, and support the coordination and standardization of mentoring services in the community.  The committee meets 2-3 times per year.

Mentoring learning forums
Forums are designed to share mentoring best practise amongst partners delivering mentoring initiatives.  The forums bring together seasoned volunteer Mentors from across Ottawa to share best practises to increase their mentoring tools and competencies.

Development of Francophone mentoring supports 
Since French is widely used in both governmental and non-governmental agencies in Ottawa, the significant number of Francophone newcomers search for employment in the city. However, Francophone service delivery pertaining to mentorship is limited in Ottawa. Accordingly, identifying the needs of Francophone newcomers and Francophone employers for the incorporation of Francophone service delivery element in the mentorship program is another objective of the project.

Mentorship Collaborative Advisory Committee: 

  • Lead Agency:  Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO)
  • Hire Immigrants Ottawa (HIO)
  • Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre (OCCSC)
  • Conseil économique et social d’Ottawa Carleton
  • La Cité Collégiale
  • World Skills Employment Centre
  • The National Capital Region YMCA-YWCA
  • Pinecrest-Queensway Community Health Centre

For further information on the Mentorship Collaborative, contact:

Jincan Li
Project Coordinator/JSW Facilitator/Employment Counsellor

[email protected]
(613) 725-5671, ext. 334

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