Mentee Profile: Mojtaba Omran

  • Mojtaba Omran, OCISO Mentee

Mentee Profile: Mojtaba Omran

In March 2019, Mojtaba Omran and his wife immigrated to Canada from Iran through the Express Entry program for skilled workers. With a Master of Arts in English Literature, he has taught English as a Second/Foreign Language (EFL) in Tehran, Iran for a decade.

OCISO, which he found online, was one of the first places he visited when he arrived in Ottawa. “My mentor has been very helpful and kind,” says Mojtaba. “He generously shared his knowledge, experience and network with me. He opened my eyes to what I needed to consider while looking for a job.”

“Having a mentor was a great help,” explains Mojtaba. “The experience went beyond job search and he helped us integrate into our new community. It is a delight having him around as an honest, reliable friend. In my job search, he helped me learn how to find, apply, and evaluate my fit for different positions. Plus, he shared his network, some of whom I met for information sessions, so that I could get to know the job market better. Step by step we had a plan. He also went through my resume and showed me how to tailor it in accordance with the Canadian employment norms and expectations in my field. I treasure his friendship and guidance.”

“Initially, like most immigrants do, we went through disappointment, regret and doubt,” remarks Mojtaba. “My mentor was there for us, to let us know that it will be fine and eventually it became fine.”

Mojtaba has worked in retail in addition to studying at Algonquin College, which fast-tracked him to be a certified ESL teacher at the end of August. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, he has adapted well to doing courses online. He recently found a job at a language institute to help English learners to take the IELTS language test. He is currently working on preparing related material based on the curriculum and will begin teaching soon.

He has also initiated a language proficiency test preparation program at PAND Settlement Services and volunteered with OCISO’s LINC and YOCISO programs.

His wife found a job, teaching ESL to government employees and will start a Master’s program at Carleton University in September.

“I thank OCISO for shedding light on our future; we came to Canada to chase a dream which now is starting to turn into reality.”

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