Languages of Service

Languages of Service2019-04-05T09:55:26-04:00
Language Name Email Phone Extension
Arabic Ann Youssef 613-725-5671 x 323
Arabic Dana El Chammaa 613-725-5671 x 335
Arabic Ghina Koussa 613-249-0376
Arabic Hiba Farran 613-725-5671 x 612
Arabic Houda Basti 613-725-5671 x 339
Bengali/Hindi/Urdu Nasir Tarafder 613-725-5671 x 330
Farsi/Dari Sima Mostaghim 613-725-5671 x 327
French Lili-Anne Kondo 613-725-5671 x 316
French/Cantonese Bonnie Thornington 613-725-5671 x 321
French/Creole Jocelyne Constant 613-725-5671 x 311
Hindi/Urdu Safia Nawaz 613-725-5671 x 328
Lgbo Godwin Ifedi 613-725-5671 x 313
Nepali/French/Hindi Santa Man Rai 613-725-5671 x 295
Polish/Russian Basia (Barbara) Mair 613-725-5671 x 336
Somali Abdul-Jabar Jama 613-725-5671 x 331
Somali Sumaya Ugas 613-725-5671 x 226
Spanish/Portugeuse Marie-Helene Carr 613-725-5671 x 329


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Our Mission!

OCISO supports immigrants through the journey of making Canada their home by providing creative and responsive programs that are culturally and linguistically appropriate, by building community through mutual respect and partnerships, and by fostering healthy and inclusive spaces for open dialogue and healing.

What we do 🙂

We are community based non-profit organization that has been providing services in Ottawa since 1978. We are motivated by the stories of new immigrants, and we are there every stage of the journey. OCISO directly serves over 10,000 immigrants and refugees every year. Our work is augmented by the generous efforts of our enthusiastic, caring and talented staff, volunteers, both established and new Canadians.