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Job Search Workshops are designed to help you access labour market information and learn about hiring practices in your field. The program consists of two modules, each one week long, that will answer your questions about working in Canada and prepare you for the Canadian job market.

  • Do I know all of the methods to job search in Canada?
  • How can I market myself to a company using a targeted resume and cover letter?
  • Can I market myself to a company in an interview?
  • Can I do this job where I live?
  • Who do I need to meet and what are my next steps?

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Zahra Karimi
Job Search Workshop Facilitator
613-725-5671 ext. 355
[email protected]

What will I learn?

You will refine your job search skills, develop a personalized action plan and learn about strategies that will help you integrate into the labour market in Canada. The program features:

  • Needs assessment by trained assessors
  • One-on-one job search coaching with specialists who understand the job search needs of newcomers
  • Pre-employment workshops conducted in a computerized environment
  • Learn about job search strategies and Canadian business perspectives
  • Work with a mentor who can guide you in your job search or settlement process, build professional networks, learn about Canadian workplace culture, and improve your self-confidence

Is this for me?

Eligibility criteria

  • Permanent resident, convention refugee, or live-in caregiver
  • Intermediate level of English (CLB 5+)
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