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Emanuel Molla
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Aug 08 - 12 2022


8:55 am - 2:00 pm

NOW 2022 - Newcomer Orientation Week

Newcomer Orientation Week (NOW) is a program designed to welcome and orient high school students who have recently moved to Canada. The newcomer students learn about student life and the Ontario school system. Eligible students are those who have recently-arrived in Canada and will be attending a secondary school for the first time in Ottawa.

The NOW Program is almost entirely led by secondary student Peer Leaders who receive intensive training .The NOW program is held each year during the month of August. Each summer 10 trained Peer Leaders and 30 newcomer students participate in the NOW program. NOW is facilitated by MLO and YOCISO Programs.

In order to register, please contact Multicultural Liaison Officer Emanuel Molla, [email protected].


What activities are done during the NOW Program?

In the week before (August 2 – 5,  2022) peer leaders will have an intensive training. MLO and youth workers will work collaboratively with them so they can be ready to deliver the program. The NOW program will then follow this training in the week of August  8- 12, 2022 . Sessions in both weeks will begin at 9:00 am and will finish by 2:00 pm. The program is funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and will be held at Brookfield  High School.


Program activities:

  • Group discussions on strategies for success
  • A school scavenger hunt/ school tour
  • Skits, case studies, role plays
  • Timetable exercise
  • Change room and lock activity
  • School clubs/after school programs/extracurricular activities
  • Discussions about graduation requirements and support system in the school


Other benefits of NOW Program:

  • Bust tickets and lights refreshments will be provided
  • Certification of attendance is provided for volunteer hours.
  • Children (High school students) of OCISO employees are welcome as a Peer Leaders.
  • All immigration categories are welcome, provided we have the space.
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