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Here are some of OCISO’s “Run for a New Start” Champions – Read about their stories below

Video Testimony!
Elizabeth Gluckstal
Elizabeth GluckstalOCISO volunteer and fundraiser par excellence
For the second year running, Elizabeth Gluckstal (pictured here with her fellow 10km OCISO walkers and runners) has been our top “Run for a New Start” fundraiser.

As Elizabeth mentioned on her fundraising page, a special anniversary helped her this year:

“Thanks to so many generous sponsors, I raised $1600 last year. I am hoping to top that this year, as I turn 65!”

And top it she did, having raised up til now an amazing $2,415 in support of OCISO’s work with immigrant and refugee youth.

Ever modest, Elizabeth mentioned that “I have very generous friends and family.”

Thanks Elizabeth for reaching out to your family and friends, and thanks to all your sponsors too, for going the distance for refugees and immigrants in Ottawa!

Petronila Michael
Petronila MichaelFacebook fundraiser extraordinaire
Petronila’s story is unique. She registered quite late for her 5km event and only started fundraising at the last minute. But she hit the ground running and went from zero to $1440 in just a week!

She did this with an amazing Facebook campaign that successfully brought in a record 58 supporters!

She’s written a blog about this:

“You all know it’s hard to ask people for money. And on behalf of all fundraisers out there, I’d like to clarify one point.- the hardship that surrounds the very act of asking people for money… involves breaking through our comfort zones.”

Recommended reading for anyone who has struggled with their fundraising.

Ridgemont High School Students
Ridgemont High School StudentsGoing the distance for refugees!
“Our team is composed of enthusiastic Ridgemont High School students who are newcomers to Canada. We are training for the 5km race in the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, May 27th.

“Our team is fundraising for OCISO (the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization) whose programs assist refugees and immigrants settling in Ottawa.

“Please help us reach our fundraising goal. Thanks for your support, and for making newcomers to Canada feel welcome in our community!”

NB: Ridgemont has raised over $500 for OCISO!

St Thomas More
St Thomas MoreRuns the distance for refugees!
“On May 27th our team composed of students, educators and parents/community members will participate in the 5km race! We are training weekly and look forward to this event.

“Our team is fundraising for the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization which assists refugees and immigrants settling in Ottawa. Please support our initiative and help us meet our fundraising goal!”

NB: St Thomas More has raised over $600 for OCISO!

Maryrossie Vergara
Maryrossie VergaraOCISO supported her as a newcomer to Canada, now she is an OCISO volunteer!
“When I arrived in Canada, +5 years ago, OCISO offered me career counseling, a career mentor, many opportunities to volunteer and even a contact for a small job (a student to teach Spanish). All these services that I received for FREE were key at that time when I didn’t have any contacts. Now, I want to use one of the values I learned from Canadians: we can all volunteer for a cause.

“This will be my first ‘race’ and I won´t even run! I will walk 10K to fundraise for OCISO. To fellow OCISO beneficiaries, now is the perfect time to give back: register to walk! Register to walk 5K for OCISO. That’s something we can all do! And if that’s not challenging enough, you can walk 10K with me and (1) help, (2) get fit and (3) have fun.”

NB: Maryrossie has raised over $500 for OCISO!

SurveyMonkey 16 Ottawa employees running for refugees
“We are a team of SurveyMonkey employees training for the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend which will take place on May 27-28. We are fundraising to support the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization (OCISO) programs that assist refugee and immigrant youth here in Ottawa.

“Supporting Diversity and Inclusion programs is important to us both as individuals and employees of a company that is committed to this value.

“We are grateful for every dollar raised by SurveyMonkey employees, and the company will match us dollar for dollar!

“Please help us reach our fundraising goal. Thanks for your support, and for making newcomers to Canada feel welcome in our community!”

NB: together with the matching corporate donation, the SurveyMonkey team has raised over $4,000!

Johanna Dobransky
Johanna DobranskyOur “Run for a New Start” team trainer - supporting OCISO's work with newcomers!
“At the age of 7, I immigrated to Canada, not speaking a word of English or French. The move was stressful for my family and posed immense financial and social stresses. We could not have done it without the help of my uncle who arrived as a refugee several years prior.

“When I heard about OCISO, I knew I wanted to help out. I feel that the aid this organization provides to the many newcomers is essential to healthy integration and makes a world of difference. I am immensely proud at how successful and happy my family and I are now and I wish that upon every immigrant and refugee.”

Michael Qaqish
Michael QaqishOttawa City Councillor in Gloucester-South Nepean
“OCISO has launched their Run for a New Start fundraiser for refugee and immigrant youth as part of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

“I am very proud to have worked closely with Syrian newcomers as the City’s Special Liaison for Refugee Resettlement, so this is an issue very dear to my heart and I am happy to run with OCISO for the 5K race.

“Please support the Run for a New Start team and join OCISO in making newcomers to Canada welcome in our city!”

Nathalie Des Rosiers
Nathalie Des RosiersMPP for Ottawa-Vanier
“OCISO is doing great work for Canadian newcomers.

“Support their Run for a New Start during the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

“The money raised will benefit youth programming.


 Ikram Jama
Ikram JamaFormer Program Manager for OCISO’s Multicultural Liaison Officer program
“Participating in the Run for a New Start last year was very rewarding for me:

– first, I contributed to a worthy cause; and
– second, it was my first time to participate in the Ottawa Marathon, by completing the 5km race.

“It was such a great feeling and I am doing it again this year.”

David Rain
David RainOur “Run for a New Start” coordinator
“Here is why I volunteered my time to coordinate OCISO’s ‘Run for a New Start’ team:

“In 2015, when I had completed 35 years working in international development, I was looking for a way that I could make a contribution right here in Canada, and I found a perfect fit with OCISO’s values, mission and programs.

“My overseas work took me to many different localities in Africa and Asia, many different cultures, religions, languages – and I so enjoyed being part of a larger movement that respects human diversity and seeks to build bridges between peoples. A movement that is even more essential to our human survival, given the world we live in today.”

NB: David raised over $2000 for OCISO!

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