OCISO Counselling Program serves newcomers from over 50 countries

Since 1994, OCISO’s Counselling Program in Ottawa has been offering clinical counselling services to immigrants and refugees from over 50 countries.

Services are multicultural, multilingual and affordable and are delivered by qualified experienced therapists.

Clients engage in short to long term clinical counselling to assist them in overcoming mental health issues related to negative pre and post migration experiences.

“Thousands of thank yous for all your support during my moments of distress. I am very grateful for the help you bring to me. You are a very fundamental piece of my long journey.”

Many clients have experienced significant trauma related to war, torture, persecution, multiple losses, sexual violence and dislocation.

Since 2015 the program has been offering a weekly walk-in counselling clinic with another agency, the Jewish Family Services of Ottawa.

Our services include mobile mental health crisis workers, mobile child and youth counselling services.

“Thank you a lot for everything and the psychological investment you made to me. I was so sad being separated from my wife and children and you helped me.”

If you know of a newcomer to Canada who might benefit from counselling services, please have them contact Patricia Davies at pdavies@ociso.org.