OCISO celebrates 40 years of welcoming newcomers to Canada!

Celebrate with a special 40th anniversary donation – thank you!

OCISO’s 40th anniversary celebration was held at the allsaints Event Space in Sandy Hill on November 16, 2018. Over 200 OCISO supporters from our four decades of existence were in attendance. Check out some of the photos above.

Some highlights of the event included:


Congratulations on last Friday’s extraordinary 40th anniversary event. OCISO never ceases to amaze those of us who are so privileged to be associated with you and your teams. Everything, from the young throat singers and presenters to the slides and food were so impressive. It was an absolutely great and very moving evening. So, thank you!!!!

I was really impressed with the whole event. It was professionally done and everyone involved deserves congratulations. I particularly liked the short speeches and the slides when the people were speaking. I was always looking for people I know or knew in the photos. This I would continue for another anniversary. The venue was excellent as was the food.

Many thanks to OCISO for a wonderful evening with old friends and colleagues and some of the new(er) folks involved in OCISO. It looks like the organization is thriving. Keep up the good work during these challenging times.

Feedback continued:

Never in my life have I attended an event that was so well planned to be fun, interesting, with not a dull moment and in a spectacular setting! The OCISO spirit shone through the whole time.

Thank you – very nice event and great to see some folks I haven’t seen in years.

The best part of the event for me was getting to meet so many people who have either worked with OCISO or somehow been involved over its 40-year history.

Was truly fun and wonderful to see and hear from people who have been with the organization for so long. Congrats on all your efforts to put together such a memorable evening.

It was a wonderful event. The throat singers were so fun and inspirational. The people who were there from the very beginning were also inspirational and meaningful. Listening to the stories and the personal experiences was very moving. I really liked the “timeline” that was very special. I loved seeing people in their traditional dresses. The slideshow was awesome! I love the magnets the young women made.

What a lovely evening it was. Just great to see so many familiar faces and to delight in seeing all the youthful leaders and new supporters too. Great to see OCISO heading into the future with gusto.