Our Vision, Mission and Values 2017-03-27T21:32:41+00:00

Vision :

OCISO envisions Ottawa as an inclusive city in which all immigrants contribute their gifts, skills, values and culture; strengthening and transforming our community life.

Mission :

OCISO supports immigrants through the journey of making Canada their home by providing creative and responsive programs that are culturally and linguistically appropriate, by building community through mutual respect and partnerships, and by fostering healthy and inclusive spaces for open dialogue and healing.

Values :

  • We believe in everyone’s ability to enrich the Canadian society through their unique contribution.
  • We believe that when we work from a foundation of respect for each person and diverse cultures we can create positive change in our communities.
  • We are dedicated to being effective, adaptable and principled in our approach to people and situations.
  • Our clients and our staff have a right to a safe environment that is free of harassment and discrimination and the responsibility to foster and protect such an environment.
  • We believe that meaningful change towards social justice is only possible through the evolution of our systems and institutions.